The Great Raw Bar Controversy

Since I began writing this blog, many readers have recommended their favorite lobster roll places. One fish joint comes up again and again. The people of  southeastern Massachusetts—land of my youth—are gaga for the The Raw Bar.

The Raw Bar has two locations, Mashpee and Hyannis. I was underwhelmed by the lobster roll when I visited the Mashpee restaurant a couple years ago. However, I was not an official amateur lobster roll blogger at that time, so who knows what I was thinking.

As my husband and I awaited the Hy-Line ferry for our recent trip to Martha’s Vineyard, our tummies began rumbling the lunchtime hour song. Lo and behold, Fate had brought us to the Hyannis Raw Bar location. We hauled our luggage upstairs and snagged a table on the breezy deck.

Nice view! Buena vista!

The order was easy: one $25 lobster roll to share. Our sandwich arrived promptly. It was pleasantly frill-less, no fries, no sides, just a giant mound of mayo-coated lobster on a roll. Would this be The One? The lobster roll to end all lobster rolls? The reason to pack up my blog and cease the quest for lobster roll perfection?

Ginormous Sandwich

Alas, no. The sandwich was generous in quantity but a mite stingy in quality. Although it offered some nice chunks of claw, these were filled out with too many lobster shreds. I’d prefer a smaller lobster roll made entirely of chunks. Just give me the good stuff.

The chunks varied in freshness, and some were overcooked and rubbery.  On the plus side, the mayonnaise was applied sparingly, adding a nice texture while remaining unobtrusive.  It tasted like the lobster had not been seasoned, so we added salt and pepper at the table.

My husband rated this roll higher than I did, enjoying its simple preparation and freshness. Perhaps my better half got the better half of the sandwich.

As for me, my quest continues…


About Karen

What's a teacher to do with her summer off? Eating lobster rolls is a low-stress, high-enjoyment way to pass the summer months. It certainly beats getting a job.

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