Vacation in My Own Backyard

Here’s a riddle for you: Where can you enjoy the best of Maine, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and a sports pub all in one place? The answer: The Sunset Tiki Bar. This outdoor restaurant is conveniently located at the Nashoba Valley Ski Area in Westford, Mass.

The Sunset Tiki Bar is an insta-vakay, a place so mellow and atmospheric that it condenses a week of lounging into a couple of hours. Witness the tables on the beach facing the sweet little pond framed by pine trees, the live music, the stage festooned with both a beach mural and the Jolly Roger, the Polynesian grass framing the wide-screen TVs, the strong Caribbean cocktails. I dare your cares to follow you.

Note the carved posts.

As you may have inferred, the Sunset Tiki Bar serves a lobster roll. No celery or other intruders muck up this sandwich. Mayonnaise subtly coats firm chunks of lobster meat—heavy on the claw. The bun has a little too much bread for my taste, but it’s nicely toasted with a touch of garlic butter, and a thin layer of Boston lettuce adds color contrast. Sides are simple: Potato salad or pasta salad. I prefer the pasta, but they’re both solid choices. Is this the sweetest, freshest lobster roll in New England? No, but it’s pretty damn good.

Note the giant Dark and Stormy in the background.

If you visit the Sunset Tiki Bar, please call me first so that I can tag along. I’ll remind you that they’re open only for dinner starting at 5:30 PM, and that you must bring ID to enter. Your kids are welcome until 9 PM and then they must skeedaddle.  We’ll splash on our insect repellent (the citronella candles aren’t terribly helpful) and head off for our vacation.

Note the lingering after dinner.


About Karen

What's a teacher to do with her summer off? Eating lobster rolls is a low-stress, high-enjoyment way to pass the summer months. It certainly beats getting a job.

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