Best Lobster Roll Writing

The mission of On a Lobster Roll is twofold. First, I am going to eat as many lobster rolls as possible as a service to you, dear reader, so that you might eat only the best and brightest. Secondly, I’m going to bring you the best and brightest lobster roll writing from only the most impassioned critics. Joey C over at Good Morning Gloucester has strong feelings on lobster rolls. I dig it.


About Karen

What's a teacher to do with her summer off? Eating lobster rolls is a low-stress, high-enjoyment way to pass the summer months. It certainly beats getting a job.

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  1. As I was skimming this page, I read the TV program name as “Good Morning Crustacean.” I think…nay, in fact…I INSIST that you should advance from the blog and go straight to morning TV! I’m not entirely certain who the target audience really would be, but I am 110% certain you’d be on a roll with all creatures (land and sea, with cable access) in no time. 😉

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